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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Port and Terminal

Please explain the flow of customs clearance procedures.
Although it varies depending on the type of import/export, please refer to the Flow of Customs Clearance Service for customs clearance procedures.

What is the difference between the Port of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay?
TOHKAI KAIUN provides services mainly around Port of Tokyo, Port of Kawasaki, Port of Yokohama and Port of Chiba. Port of Tokyo refers to the area between Edo River and Tama River in the following map.
Tokyo Bay refers to the entire area in the following map. Please note that Port of Kisarazu and Port of Yokosuka are areas not covered by our business.

Cargo handling and transportation equipment

Storage equipment

What sort of equipment do your warehouses have?
We have warehouses at logistics bases mainly in the Tokyo and Chiba areas. For details, please refer to the list of warehouses.

Cargo handling

What type of cargo handling experience do you have in the field of port transportation?
We have experience in cargo handling of containers, steel stock, fruits and vegetables and vehicles, etc. For details, please refer to the page of port transport service.

Is it possible for you to deliver the containers to our warehouse or our clients warehouse, as is?
Although it is possible if the location to which the container is delivered can accept large-format trailers, in cases where the cargo has not received customs clearance, bonded transportation will not be available unless the location to which the container is delivered has a bonded facility

Freight charge, fare and insurance

Please advise regarding marine insurance for import/export cargo.
Ships implementing maritime transport face risks such as sinking, stranding and robbery.
Marine cargo insurance covers these risks.
Although importers or exporters do have to implement the insurance procedures, details vary depending on the conditions of the contract.

Free samples were enclosed in some goods sent from overseas. Do we have to obtain customs clearance for free samples as well?
Yes, of course, even if it is a free sample, you have to obtain customs clearance.


In what sort of fields do you have a track record in distribution processing?
We provide warehouse storage, distribution processing, control services as well as nationwide delivery. For details, please refer to distribution processing.

We provide services are related to importation / exportation mainly based in the Tokyo Bay area.
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