Our services are mainly based in the Tokyo Bay area, and include port transport, customs clearance, warehousing, distribution processing and nationwide delivery.

With increasing sophistication in the expertise of the industry, the port transport industry is showing signs of aging. Under such circumstances, TOHKAI KAIUN has proactively developed high-quality total logistics services where youthful energy and the knowledge/know-how of veterans are well integrated. Beyond just the port transport business, our full range of services is also beneficial to your logistics outsourcing, warehousing and distribution processing.

Operations related to
port transport

Flow of port transport service
The service flow from the port transport operation (on board and shore cargo handling), to warehouse storage (warehouse and bonded warehouse), customs clearance, distribution processing and nationwide delivery, is shown here.
Warehouses and bonded warehouses
The warehouses and bonded warehouses of TOHKAI KAIUN are developed mainly around the Tokyo and Chiba areas.
Customs clearance
Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning any inquiries or estimates related to customs clearance.
Flow of distribution processing and delivery
Services ranging from product inspection upon arrival of shipment, to seal attachment, picking, packing, gift packaging, shrink packaging, and nationwide delivery are available.


All-in-one type real estate for office/warehouse. Koto-ku, Tokyo.
Single storey warehouse/ bonded storage of 3,990m2. Koto-ku, Tokyo.
Waste disposal plant. Ohta-ku, Tokyo.
Funabashi Bonded Warehouse, Funabashi-shi, Chiba Prefecture.
Equipped with 2 large-scale overhead cranes. A bonded storage facility.

We provide services are related to importation / exportation mainly based in the Tokyo Bay area.