Distribution Processing and Delivery

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Distribution Processing and Delivery

When we store import cargo, we also implement, at the same time, a series of distribution processes, such as product inspection, labeling, packaging and picking.
Distribution processing is the task of converting commercial goods to merchandise. Even import cargo that is already packaged can be opened, inspected and re-packaged so as to be delivered to the next customer.
Needless to say, the storing and dispatching of cargo to and from the warehouse, and the control of inventory and transportation during such processes, is also carried out in the one-step process.

Logistics Processing Department Track record

* Consumer Logistics (BtoC)

  • Consolidated control by using a dedicated system (ASP) from accepting orders to shipping
  • Support system for logistics aspects of mail order specialized operations
  • Available for nationwide delivery (specifying delivery arrival time is available)
  • Control system that enables confirmation of the delivery status
  • Actual performance of 20,000 transactions per month
  • Incorrect shipping ratio for tasks inside the warehouse is less than 0.001%
  • Source marking by dedicated labels
  • Enclosure task supporting various types of novelties and inserts, etc.
  • Production of campaign merchandise (lucky bags, free gifts, etc.)
  • Handling of gift items (general/special gift wrapping, etc.)
  • Possible production of packaging boxes exclusively designed for our customers(ordering various types of materials available)
* Corporate Logistics (BtoB)
  • Delivery of instruments or equipment to FC stores
  • Delivery of in-store POP, etc. to FC stores
  • Shipping of cosmetic items to FC stores (product inspection upon arrival and assortment into sets are available)
  • Tasks from assembly to delivery of imported fitness equipment, including installation for each FC store
  • Distribution processing of mainly fruits and vegetables for chain restaurants or supermarkets
  • Bundling and shipping of sales promotion items for FC stores
  • Shipping of campaign samples to nationwide local bases, corresponding to the quantity required by each local base
  • Nationwide delivery of imported furniture (defect inspection for products available)
  • Tapping inspection for jam jars (constant temperature control), labeling and nationwide delivery

Examples of commercial goods

* Commercial materials for womens apparel

  • Product inspection
  • Attaching/detaching tags
  • Assortment of accessories into sets and packaging
* Dietary supplements
  • Control by consumption expiry date
  • Lowering the risk of damage by dedicated packing
  • Labeling containers and shrink processing
* Import cargo
  • Total support from Import ⇒customs clearance⇒nationwide delivery
  • Maintenance of furniture manufactured overseas
  • Power distribution check and enclosing of instructions and inserts for electronic merchandise manufactured overseas
* Large-scale cargo
  • Control of palletized cargo from storing/dispatching to and from warehouse to storage
* Fully equipped with security system within the building