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Application for the discharge of import cargo

Please download and use the following form to receive import cargo.

 Application form for the discharge of import cargo

  • Application form must be submitted by FAX by 16: 00 on the day before the scheduled discharge date (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.)
    Submitting an application form on the day of discharge will not be accepted due to possible inconvenience caused to business operations.
  • Please be careful when filling out the form, and please note that the cargo may not be receivable for reasons such as incomplete forms or illegible writing. Please fill out in a standard style of handwriting.
  • You are requested to submit the Delivery Order (D/O) prior to the time of discharging the cargo.
  • Cargo discharges other than TACS may require separate procedures.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.
    After February 1, 2005, discharge requests in other formats will not be accepted.

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