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Scenes of loading/unloading freight containers

Freight containers are the containers used for cargo ships in compliance with the ISO standards for size used worldwide, such as 40 feet (approximately 12m) or 20 feet (approximately 6m.) The meaning of the term "cargo handling" encompasses the work of loading and unloading transportation equipment such as trucks, freight cars and ships, as well as the storing and dispatching of cargo to and from warehouses and yards.

Scenes of loading/unloading freight containers

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Work is performed day and night at the Port of Tokyos Ohi Container Terminal, which is the gateway of import/export trade, based on our confident and reliable performance over 60 years.
At present, the logistics aspect of foreign trade is mainly container transportation, and we maintain and continue to develop high operating efficiency, with safety consciousness and efficiency cultivated over the years and handed down over generations. This terminal operates as part of the worlds trade distribution system, by means of gantry cranes, transtainer top lifts, tractor operators and a specialized group of onboard workers.